Complimentary Guide to the Regional Foods of Italy

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Free Download: Guide to the Regional Foods of Italy

Italy offers an unrivaled culinary experience for travelers and it’s yours to discover with this complimentary copy of this best-selling ebook from Approach Guides.

With high-resolution images, a food dictionary and information on Italian coffee, pasta and salumi, this is the definitive guide to the regional foods of Italy.

Bonus: Italian recipes to try at home

With a food landscape that changes from region to region, there is always something new to try. But the really special thing is when you taste an old favorite that redefines how you think about the dish from then on.

Below you’ll find a few recipes that perhaps deliver both: something entirely new and a new spin on a classic.

How to Make a Classic Lasagna

“Pasta Granny” Franca makes lasagna, which originally came the Emilia-Romagna of Italy. Runtime: 3 min.

How to Make Perfect Risotto

Learn how to make 4 easy risotto recipes from scratch. Chef Gennaro Contaldo explains how to make risotto bianco—the base of all great risotti—and then turns them into three more nuanced dishes. Runtime: 13 min.

How To Make Carbonara

Chef Michael White shows how to make the quintessential Roman pasta dish, the sauce of which is made with egg, hard cheese (always with pecorino romano), guanciale (cured pork jowel) and black pepper. Runtime: 8 min.

How Authentic Pesto Is Made

Liguria’s trademark sauce calls for seven ingredients, no more, no less: basil, extra virgin olive oil, pine nuts, Parmesan cheese, pecorino cheese, salt, and garlic. Travel to Genoa, where pesto was invented, to find out what makes each of the seven ingredients so distinct. Runtime: 15 min.

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